Edie Oakley BSN, RN, MA

Duke certified Integrative Health Coach
Durham, North Carolina
Health, Wellness and Fitness
Oakley Integrative Health, LLC
EmpowerRing, LLC, Sync Studio, DeKalb Medical (NICU), Chapel Hill Pediatrics
Duke Integrative Medicine



As an Integrative Health Coach, I partner with clients to integrate their medical, nutrition and fitness goals with their life vision, values, relationships and financial goals. Outcomes include a plan of behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles that support the legacy they want to build now and sustain in the future.
My professional experience and educational credentials in the areas of nursing, counseling, coaching and athletics provide a strong foundation for effective collaboration and measurable results.
• Registered Nurse and Hospital Chaplain
• Certifications in Coaching and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from Duke University
• Experienced coach with a passion for helping people achieve optimal health; intensive training in Client Collaborative Solutions, Meditative Mindfulness and Complementary Medicine
• Skilled at working with a range of clients representing diverse age groups, spirituality, racial/ethnic backgrounds, professions and health status



Founder : Oakley Integrative Health, LLC  |  January 2011 – Present, Durham, NC
Offering individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations an array of client-focused services addressing their health and wellness needs, including integrative health coaching, lectures, seminars and retreats.
During 2012, Edie was a co-lead for Duke Integrative Health Coach professional training program from January-April. She has planned and implemented retreats for women in both North Carolina and Colorado.
Certified Writing Facilitator : Transform Your Health  |  August 2015
Design Team, Writer, Speaker : Brave Beauty  |  September 2013 – May 2015
Brave Beauty is a non-profit organization that desires to be a movement across the country where women refuse to give into societies/media expectations of what beauty is and instead give voice to TRUE BEAUTY which is seen in the courageous and resilient actions they take each day to be themselves.
Co-Founder : EmpowerRing, LLC  |  2011 – 2013, Washington, DC
Providing holistic health coaching for youth and teens using a variety of mindfulness-based practices, including breathing, journaling, eating, movement and communication.
Integrative Health Coach : Sync Studio  |  June 2010 – August 2011, Durham, NC
Offer private health coaching for Sync studio clients and contribute blog entries to encourage, motivate and support individuals to deepen the learning of themselves as they move forward toward optimal health- body, mind and spirit.
BSN, RN, MA : DeKalb Medical (NICU), Chapel Hill Pediatrics  |  August 1995 – April 1999

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